Exhibition Management

White feather is in the event management services for planning and organizing exhibition from advertising and <>publicity promotion to the event follow-up. We render our professional services of various categories of exhibition ranging from trade & industrial fairs, consumer or public events, company in-house events to display attraction. Under trade and industrial fairs, we are exclusively dealing with traveling exhibition for group, product exhibition, school, college and university exhibition, hotel exhibition etc. Under consumer and public exhibition, we are providing our services of local exhibition, public exhibition, flower exhibition, music exhibition etc. Under company and other events, we are planning and organizing the exhibition of road exhibition/shows, product launch exhibition, trade biz exhibition.

We provide special services for Exhibition stall fabrication, exhibition stalls designing, exhibition conceptualizing services etc.

Conference Organizers
We provide our clients with our services for organizing conferences. Working in coordination with clients, we first get a brief idea of the number of members attending the conferences. These conferences are organized in an acoustically sound conference rooms. We are well aware of various conference halls and meeting rooms in hotels that can be easily booked by us. We also provide our clients with various audio and visual equipment and microphones required for the conference.

Family Get-together

Mostly our company encouraging family Get-together yearly twice with enthusiastic way & organising accordingly.

Product Launching
The event give the public and the media a chance to hear everything about the product before any negative reviews are given.
We are specializes in creative productions. We believe product launch events should be a thing to remember to everybody for long time.


Partners or Corporate Meets White Feather also help in to arrange your corporate meeting, Vendors, Stakeholder or General meeting. Impeccable organizational and management back-up from strategic planning, efficient application to guaranteeing the objectives of your event-this is what we do.

  • Sales Meeting
  • Vendors or Distributors meeting.
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • AGM
  • Strategic Planning Meeting


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